The Surgical Company versterkt zijn portfolio Luchtwegmanagement met een complete lijn voor de niet-invasieve beademingstherapie.

De BiTrac NIV productlijn is een familie van NIV-maskers voor gebruik in een acute zorgomgeving.
Deze maskers variëren van nasaal, volledig gezicht, MaxShield en Shield.

Optimale pasvorm en maximaal comfort met onze Select-lijn.
U kunt u kiezen uit 4 verschillende kussenvormen en -formaten en 7 verschillende verwisselbare ellebogen.



Our NIV products offer a variety of different features to help facilitate a better fit for patients. Our Pulmodyne
silicone cushions have a double lip, which will allow you to gently lay one of our masks on a patients face and
still create an efficient yet comfortable seal.


Along with our cushions, we also offer the OmniClip™ which is an adjustable forehead piece on all of our full face masks and our nasal
masks. This OmniClip allows you to adjust a mask in and out, or up and down, to help the fit of the mask on the patients face, and reduce the
amount of pressure on the bridge of the nose. This feature also lets you swing the mask up and off of the face, to deliver water, food,
or prescribed medication to a patient.
Another great feature of our NIV line would also include our headgear with easy to use clips. These clips easily clip on, and a slight twist will
detach them. If you lose a clip simply slide the strap through the holes on the mask and velcro it. If a patient has a smaller head, you can use
the shorter tab on the strap and cut the access off, for a reliable fit.


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